Kat 'n Cat

The adventures of Kat and her cat.

Three and Thirty.

Three months into being thirty. Everyone told me your 30's were better than your 20's and I doubted them. I still have my doubts. But here's the thing, the clarity for what I want out of my life has also... Continue Reading →

The Last 7 Days.

How old are you?  I am in my last week of being a twenty-something. I'm in my last week of being able to respond "I'm twenty-nine." And that is terrifying and invigorating. If I'm honest, I still feel about twenty-two.... Continue Reading →

20-Something Reflections

It's my last few weeks as a 20-Something and I think that's completely wild, terrifying and also really freeing. Coming up to almost three decades of life, especially considering the climate of the world right now, has resulted in a... Continue Reading →

Slow Roll & Easter Cat Adventures

Life happens. I wanted to launch this website on my birthday and head into my 30th year with a new way to document my happenings, Bobbin’s happenings and my (wide) range of interests. But guess what? Life happened.

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