I recently told a friend that “Life happens,” and it’s a constant refrain I’ve used to remind myself on days that I have a to-do list that is six pages long and continuing to grow.

Life happens.

I wanted to launch this website on my birthday and head into my 30th year with a new way to document my happenings, Bobbin’s happenings and my (wide) range of interests.

But guess what? Life happened.

So I looked at my calendar and realized I could make it happen Easter Weekend. Nothing major but my first post, a small about me and about Bobbin. However, I needed an appropriate story to tie it all together.

Never would I have thought that locking myself out of my apartment on Easter during third year of University with a lasagna in the oven and friends arriving within the hour would be more than a delightful story for them to tease me about, but, here we are.

I planned and cooked my first (and last) Easter brunch and had bought myself some Easter Bunny ears, tail and a bowtie set. One of my university friends once told me I always dressed in costumes (accurate) and this was me actually dressing in a costume.

So I put on a plaid Easter dress, my Bunny ears and tail and then slide the bowtie onto my sister’s cat I was taking care of-a Himalayan male called Nevaeh.

Nevaeh loved going for walks and being outside. We would walk for hours with him on a leash. So once the majority of the food was made and my apartment was set up, I took him outside quickly. Quickly was great but it wasn’t mindful so when I tried to get back in…it was a no-go. I rang the other apartments, banged on the door, and finally looked up a locksmith…which was closed because it was Easter in Kingston. So I called the non-emergency Fire Department number.

An entire truck of firemen showed up about 5 minutes later.

I was there in my bunny tail, ears and matching my cat.

All was well and one of the firemen (who was afraid of heights) climbed up the emergency exit and said nothing was on fire. Multiple firemen started banging on the door and the lower apartment window and FINALLY the dudes who were renting opened the door.

It was embarrassing at the time, but also, Happy Easter to me! Thanks Easter bunny for delivering an entire firetruck of men to my door.