How old are you? 

2018-01-13 17.01.54

I am in my last week of being a twenty-something. I’m in my last week of being able to respond “I’m twenty-nine.” And that is terrifying and invigorating.

If I’m honest, I still feel about twenty-two. But when I was twenty-two, I was in the deepest depression. It’s strange what periods of our life we cling to. I would never want to go back to being that age, and yet, it’s the one that I most resonate with.

I am trying to break old patterns right now, so booked a trip for my birthday. I’ve also been treating myself to other self-care experiences and, yes, some things because I’m worthy of celebrating just as I am.

The amount of ‘stuff’ I need to get done before that trip is growing, the same way our life to-do lists are constantly being added to. I don’t want to get lost in the doing stuff for this, I want to experience the moment. I want to feel the moment.

Here’s to being on the edge of something new and the possibilities of that liminal space.